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Alternative Casino Banking Methods

Alternative banking provides a way for gamblers to make seamless casino deposits and withdrawals without the hassles of declined credit card transactions. Since many merchant banks in the United States no longer accept online gambling related transactions alternative banking has come to the rescue. Providing players with a way to fund their accounts and continue gambling online. Alternative banking processors consist of companies such as Neteller, FirePay, PrePaidATM, Direct Bank Transfer ACH, Gaming Card, 900Pay, Citadel, Central Coin, and Wire Transfers with more to come in the near future. If you credit cards are being declined at online casinos use this guide to choose the most appropriate alternative banking method to keep on playing.


NETeller is one of the most widely supported free online money transfer, and e- bank account services. NETeller acts like an online wallet, users open a NETeller account and are then able to deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds to and from any casino that support NETeller. Fund your NETeller account by Credit Cards, Bank Deposit, InstaCash, FCash Deposits and Electronic Funds Transfer. NETeller is safe and secure and processes all transactions quickly and with no hassles. You pay no charges for transfers to and from casinos.
NETeller is available to both US and international users.

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FirePay is used by many online casinos as a means for depositing and withdrawling funds by players. Consumers can securely fill their FirePay personal accounts with funds from a variety of sources, including Visa, MasterCard and electronic checks, and redeemed at many Internet sites. Your FirePay personal account works like an online debit card. You determine the amount of money you want to deposit into your account and you can then pay online with FirePay without revealing your credit card details. It’s a safe, secure and easy way to transfer funds online.

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PrePaidATM is the only ATM Card that is not tied to a bank account. You can use your card wherever debit cards are accepted and you can also receive funds at thousands of ATM machines worldwide. You can fund your PrePaidATM card with Credit Cards, Electronic Checks, Western Union, Bank Wire, … Currently this service is only available to citizens of the United States.

Visit the PrePaidATM website

Direct Bank Transfer (ACH) Direct Bank Transfer (ACH)
An ACH (Automatic Clearing House) is a direct fund transfer authorization from the bank account holder’s account to a nominated beneficiary account. This banking method is safe and relaible, however it is currently only available to clients with bank accounts in the United States.

Gaming Card Gaming Card

This new and exclusive internet payment account is designed to ensure hassle free online payments for a select group of VIP gaming players. Funding options using the Gaming Card include credit cards, transfers from ATM account, wire transfers, and Western Union. Gaming Card eliminates the need for waiting for checks. All cash-ins are directly deposited into your account for easy ATM withdrawls. At this time Gaming Card accounts are issued by invitation only.

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900Pay 900Pay

Depositing funds using the 900 Payment system is fast, sefure, and hassle free. Casino players both in Canada and the United States deposit funds using their telephone. Players do not require a credit card for the this depositing method.

Citadel Citadel

Citadel is the latest system for transfering funds to online casinos. Citadel alows players to send electronic checks to be deposited into your casino account. Players who would like to use Citadel as a purchase option must have a checking account with a bank in the United States.

Visit the Citadel website

Central Coin Central Coin

CentralCoin is a new and exciting online payment solution for internet transactions. There no fees for opening an account, depositing funds or using these funds at merchant locations. You can fund your CentralCoin account with your Visa. Support for funding your account with alternative methods is coming soon!

Visit the Central Coin website

Wire Transfer Wire Transfer

Wire Transfers work pretty much the same as as an ACH to transfer funds from your bank account to the casino’s account. However with wire transfers you usually need to Fax or e-mail the casino a form that will allow them to request a wire transfer on your behalf. The casino makes a request to your bank and then you must give your bank authorization to wire the money. In general this type of fund transfer takes quite a bit longer as there is a longer processing time involved to transfer the funds.

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